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We are open to new opportunities and actively looking to invest in new projects.

Would welcome any discussions with interested parties from stage 1 of the development including profit share and armchair investor options.

Value adding to development sites

I have the innovation to take a site and lift the value, working in conjunction with my team and the valuer to create capital, with the right DA and BA plans to fund the development costs.

Creative Design

Using creative design techniques we establish creative lighting effects that whilst being visually appealing have the primary role of creating security and safety for home owners. Taking the outside security lighting right through the complex with the lighting design flowing inside the property to create a feeling of elegance and complexity. 

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This is also evident in the colours schemes utilised both inside and outside of the properties, along the driveways, flowing in through the internal garages and through the entire house.

The final touches can include bespoke design of landscaping and pool and recreation areas.

We will collaborate with the owner and the pool installer to create a practical and well thought out pool design taking in features such as solar heating and pumps.   Design elements can also include areas which hide equipment utilising feature walls and waterfalls.

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